Attending:  Hugh Johnson, Rob Roberts,  Brad Wilson, Jeff Fannon,  George Fulwider,  Tom Egan,  Scott Stodola

Devotion and Prayer

July Meeting Minutes – Quorum not met, so no way to vote.

Financial Report –  Brad and George – $12,825.51 (July) we’re in great shape.   We get a check every month from Glenn and Jeff’s church. More funds coming in from weekend attendees.

Spiritual Report – no report, Randy not in attendance

K40 –  * Bill will lead the weekend – jobs and table leads, co-leads have been assigned

  • 39 members, possibly more.

* Food  concerns especially around the times Kairos been turned away on Tuesday

* Maybe donate any left over food to Bethany Baptist in the case the weekend gets shut down

* No equipment at the prison can be used. Must bring in own equipment. Tim Cornett to contact w/ JC music store.  Amber’s memorial indicates we should spend the $2500 for music equipment.

* Check with Mike Austin on how to move equipment in/out each day. Request to have equipment removed from prison if we paid for it (to discuss)

* Set up meeting w/ new Warden to discuss Kairos, what comes and goes, etc. Create a list for this meeting.  Explain what we have done in the past. (Hugh)

* Covid is rising again in the prison. Discuss we are making some changes for health safety. Needs to change enough to not make the chapel over crowded.

* Are we giving graduates crosses that lost theirs.  This was discussed but think this should be cleared through the Warden and Chaplain.

* Next meeting on Saturday 9:00 – 4:30 PM – What to do w/ 40 people.

* Speakers cross – Jeff will check on this.

* Cookies – annex is down to half, unit 7 is closed, don’t need as many but not to be published

—— Do 100 dozen cookies as always.

LCRB meeting – Wants the Kairos 40 to be successful, volunteered himself and Warden Andrews to work the weekend. Cookies and normal meals have been approved. Music and Computers, and 1 coffee maker are under discussion.

Institutional liaison

Ongoing Ministry – Jeff Fannon –    Not a lot of participation (25-30) since it seems like maybe not getting a call out. Two weeks of restrictive movement in the prison and this Tuesday was the first time this was lifted.

Agape – Hugh Johnson –  Instructions were given on the prayer chain, posters, place mats, meal tickets, vigil.

Data Coordinator – Mike Hawn not present

One Day Retreat – No report

Outreach and recruiting   Jeff Cannon – went to Emmaus – no real new participants, but gave testimony and will ramp after the weekend. Hugh mentioned to go mission committee and sponsor an inmate.

Other items

* Trailer update – got hit/bumped so was moved inside, which means moving it will need to be done during business hours. Equipment on each 3 sides.

* Does it make more sense to have a storage unit closer to Mountain City. Trailer needs a 5th wheel which makes it difficult to utilize. Maintenance $

* We don’t own a trailer – do we need to rent a trailer. Brad to check prices on trailer. $40/day $.79 mile

* Unload trailer – on Tuesday into U-Haul,  load back on Monday to old trailor

Kairos Emmaus Liaison – 

Old Business

*          Discuss new council members, Scott and Tom are interested, need to be made official.

*          Jeff and I to meet to come up with candidates.

*          Mike Hawn will check with Daryl from Emmaus regarding the CCLI license.  Check with Katie on what other Kairos chapters are doing.  Jim has checked again with Katie  (not here)

New Business

  • Tom Egan will take over our web site.

*          Need a video of a Saturday meeting of members having fun.

*          Tom – web site update – not many people use it

Prayer Requests:

K 40 to happen as it is needed.

Keep Bill in our prayers and whole leadership to be able to fulfill the needs.

Keep George in our prayers for new job and person from Zimbabwe

Scott – Mom’s knee surgery (Judy)

Crosslife & Bethany for hosting many Kairos activities

Boones Creek and Harmony Baptist.

United States of America – morale issues

Closing Prayer

Next Meeting – 3rd Saturday in September


Attending were: Scott Combs, Jim Hawley, Rob Roberts, Mike Hawn, Hugh Johnson, Bill Shepherd, George Fulwider, Steve Alley, Brad Wilson, Tim Cornett

Our meeting was called to order by Rob Roberts and Steve Alley offered a prayer.  George Fulwider offered a devotion regarding God being “All-knowing”.

Hugh Johnson moved to approve the March Minutes, George seconded the motion.  Hugh also wondered if our thoughts on letter writing sent on to Sandy and KPMI.  Sandy received our meeting minutes, not sure if our concerns were passed along.  

Financial Report: 

Hugh submitted the annual budget in Oct, planning for 2 weekends and 2 one-day retreats in 2021.  We’ve had $6379 in donations, (~2500 from Ambers memorial) We’ve had expenses of $2591 for a total gain of $3787.   Our Bank Total is $11,456.  We also had a donation in memory of John Villaneuva.   We’re in good shape.  Regarding Ambers’ memorial, we intend to purchase speakers for $2000 for the NECX gym.  We can rent them for ~1000 and we are able to apply for rental money against purchase. 

George asked do we want to do something for inmates at Christmas, something like Little Debbies?  Jim will write to Warden Andrews for permission.  Rob, George, and Bill will check out possibilities at Walmart in Johnson City or perhaps go directly to Little Debbie.  

Spiritual Report – Richard Beets was not in attendance but we need to keep him in our prayers

Ongoing Ministry – Covid has not made any of this possible

K40 update including database update.  Bill made all the changes to the Ezra database (thank you, Bill).  The database was sent to KPMI who merged the data with Messenger (Yeah, saved me a tremendous amount of work).   In December there is going to also be a system-wide purge of multiple records (we have quite a few), so we should be good going into 2021.  We still need to worry about addresses.  Brad Wilson will help to make the database more complete. 

Is there a possibility to change weekend dates?  George talked to Bill Donoho about continuing with K40, Bill is anxious to begin.  Yes, there is a possibility to change weekend dates, it is up to the weekend leader to discuss that with Resy.

Brad made a suggestion to send out a communication in early Jan to all volunteers if they want to continue with Kairos.  We’ll discuss this again at the Jan 16 2021 meeting. 

Outreach and Recruiting – Brian McKee has a friend who is interested in joining Kairos, so does Jim Hawley.   Hope everyone can help us recruit more.  Rob suggested doing an outdoor potluck dinner in the spring, Bill Shepherd offered his home for the event – Brad Wilson, Bill Shepherd, Rob Roberts, and George Fulwider offered to be on a team to make that happen.  Hugh suggested doing the potluck around the timing of going back into prison for prayer and share.  Good idea Hugh, everyone agreed

Kairos Outside/Emmaus – Rob will check in with KO for updates

NECX Liason – Tim Morganstern was not in attendance.   Jim has been unsuccessful in reaching Resy by text, phone, or email so he called Warden Andrews.   Resy is OK but has had complications from surgery and has had 3 leave extensions.   They think he’ll come back in January

Old Business

New Weekend Leaders – Scott Hale (already has had AKT), we need to have others in the hopper – please help us build this list.  We also have Bill Wolf who will need to go to AKT.   If you have ideas about individuals, please let us know and we’ll give them a call.  

New Council Members – we have elected Scott Hale, Steve Alley and Brad Wilson (YEAH) .   Need to have more diversity in the Council.  Perhaps include someone from Kairos Outside next year?

New Business

Council Positions

  • Chair – Rob Roberts
  • Vice-Chair – Tom Roberts
  • State Chapter Rep – Brian McKee
  • Secretary – Jim Hawley
  • Donor Coordinator – Hugh Johnson to mentor Brad Wilson
  • Treasurer – Bill Shepherd to mentor Scott Hale
  • Institutional Liaison – Tim Morganstern
  • Outreach recruiting – Bill Shepherd
  • Fundraising –
  • Agape coordinator – Scott Combs
  • Continuing Ministry – George Fulwider
  • Clergy Spiritual Director – Richard Beets/Steve Alley
  • Data Coordinator – Mike Hawn
  • Communications Coordinator – Michael Scott

Donation to KPMI

Recommend to send $500 to KPMI – Approved – Hugh will make this happen

Prayer Requests: 

  • Jellybean for healing and recovery – Theresa’s grandaughter
  • Terry Muse for the passing of Patty
  • Richard Beets – heart procedure on 12-15
  • Recy – continued healing and recovery
  • Ron Ison for the passing of his daughter Cindy

Top 3 Council objectives

  • Leave this for the next meeting

Next Meeting – January 16, 2021 – 8:30

Action Items:

  • Purchase a case of Study Guides (included in the new Bibles handed out during the weekend) – Hugh Johnson
  • Meet with Inside team once a month – Jim communicates with Resy
  • Begin meeting again with a one-day retreat – Rob to confirm Brian McKee as leader
  • Write more messages to encourage participation – Jim
  • Rewrite prayer and share questions – Laminate new cards – Hugh & George
  • Create a higher priority for the Instructional Reunion – Team Leaders
  • Strongly encourage Prayer and Share participation (careful to encourage and not demand) – Jim
    • Dedicate 1 team meeting during the training
    • Strong encouragement from team leaders
  • Check with Bill Donaho to lead the spring walk as K40.   Keep same team members and pick-up where we left off
    • Add a couple of meetings to create more interest
    • Encourage leaders to “get out of the rut”
  • Ask leaders to have both a Coordinator and an Assistant Coordinator – Rob
  • Ask Elgin for his rewrite of Coordinator Responsibilities – Jim (done)
  • Call a meeting to update the EZRA directory – Rob (Done)