Let’s Talk About Team Formation Meetings 

By Craig Combs, Men’s Ministry Coordinator 

A lot of you were in the middle of Team Formation Meetings when we had to suspend all meetings, but we can continue to prepare for our future while we wait. (Notice I didn’t say Team Meetings, as the goal is to form a team, not just go to some meetings.) At AKT, we are challenging the Weekend Leaders to make the meetings impactful, interesting, fun and to be creative. EZRA tells you what to train, but not how to train it, so there is a lot of leeway in how you train and prepare your team (in Kairos lingo, the Riverbanks are wide during Team Formation Meetings). 

As you set up EZRA, if you tell it you want 5 Team Formation Meetings, because that is what you always do… the schedule that you get will be just like all the previous meeting schedules before you. The challenge is then to change how you do the meetings and how you present the topics. That is where you have the freedom to be creative. If you look at the Kairos Core Values on page 2 of all three Program Manuals, you will see that one of the six core values is Empowerment While Building Accountability. You are empowered to conduct the ministry (especially Team Formation Meetings) in creative ways. Yes, you must train well, preview talks and mediations, bond together as a family, and grow the family spiritually. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, this won’t happen well, and your team will not be as engaged. People learn better with variation and creativity and they will have a better time. It goes without saying that in contrast, the Kairos Weekend has very narrow Riverbanks to ensure the Weekend works as prescribed. 

For Team Formation Meetings consider: 

· Using topics and even the PowerPoints from workshops held at the Kairos Annual Conference found at http://mykairos.org/conference_archive2019.html 

· Having different people train part of each meeting. This will give them added experience. 

· Using the people who always say ‘this is boring, I already know everything’ to train those topics that they know so well. 

· Forming and utilizing a Core Team – those folks in the Leadership positions (Kairos Inside Program Manual p 72) – to plan the Team Formation Meetings and come up with new ideas how to train the topics. This spreads out the load of the Weekend Leader immensely while also training folks for upcoming team positions. Assign certain needs or ideas to them individually to use their specific gifts. 

· Inviting speakers from Kairos Outside to talk about the purpose of Kairos Outside and the process of sending a female impacted by incarceration to a Kairos Outside Weekend. 

· Inviting Kairos grads to speak – as long as all the necessary precautions have been taken so they don’t get in trouble if they are on Probation or Parole, etc. 

· Looking through the AKT Attendees Handbook and notes for what was trained at AKT and how to do it differently. 

· Being creative and do a lot of activities so the team isn’t just sitting around listening to someone talk the whole time. 

· Breaking into small groups to study pages from the Program Manual. 

· Doing the Prayer and Share questions as a Spiritual Exercise. 

· Teaching listening skills at a Team Formation Meeting – use the first talk of the Instructional Reunion. Then you can also talk and train about the Instructional Reunions’ purpose and that you will need some team members to return, etc. 


Please remember it is up to the team to create a fun training environment where everyone can grow together both spiritually and as a family. Thanks for all you do for Kairos and Jesus!